Saturday, 17 April 2010

Post #1

OK, so I've finally started a blog.

Everyone seems to be doing it, some more successfully than others, so I think I should give it a go.

I must try not to blog when drunk. That is probably quite important, but I'm sure it may happen.

I used to keep diaries to help with my memory. I kind of gave that up and along the way with my many house moves, I have lost most of them. I don't have a very good memory at all, and not in a jokey way. I can barely remember my childhood and my teenage memories are a mere blur with a few chunks that may or may not be true ones. Hopefully this will be a good aid for that, if only I have the self-discipline and motivation to keep it up.

I think this whole memory issue is due to either drinking too much in general, or the excessive and hideous amount of cannabis I consumed in my early 20s. Who knows, but its quite a bitch when people talk to me about something that happened last month and I have virtually no memory of it at all (even though I did for a few days afterwards) It's almost like the memories are there but slowly slip away if I don't actively try to keep them there.

Anyway, moving on, I'm sure that most people that read this will be people that I have met on Twitter and people that I know on the comedy scene. This presents a dilemma. How honest should I be? On one hand as not many of my expected readers really KNOW me I could be 100% brutally honest and not give a monkeys what people think, but on the other hand if you all knew the unexpurgated truth you may cross the road if you see me coming.

I shall play it by ear and see what happens !

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