Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Ideal Woman Is A Black Man

Bridget Christie as Louise Mensch (feminist)
So said Zeus, as played by Tom Golding, along with his unlikely named co-god, Nathan (William Andrews). I shamefully couldn't remember their names, I mean, I could picture them, but after 16 amazing acts, it's difficult to remember names. Thanks to Tom for reminding me!

Rob & Alex Edelman
The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society had its final show night at The New Red Lion last night. The venue has been sold, which is a shame. It's had so many great acts and club nights on. Good news though. ACMS will be on next month in a big top in Dalston. Thanks so much to Thom Tuck and John Luke Roberts for putting this night on.

This night was utterly mad and brilliant. We didn't get any acts talking about their toasters only warming the bread or burning it black. We got, what I can only imagine is something as exciting as alternative comedy was like in the early 80s. I was to young and living too far away to experience it live, but I can imagine The Dangerous Brothers would not look out of place on this stage.

We had a man playing Guess Who with hammers and eggs, a woman trying to eat 4 eclairs in a minute, the country and western awards, an actor with his Northern unreconstructed wannabe-comedian father "Cock is for jokes, Penis is for examinations", Sara Pascoe, and a new nervous female comedian who just wanted to make friends, and an amazing trio of acts to end the show.

Isy Sutie
Alex Edelman from Wisconsin came on during the country and western awards and he dragged Rob on stage to suggest which jokes he did from a larger folder that he gave him. Of course, Rob enjoyed giving him the most awkward jokes possible.

I had seen Isy Sutie just a few nights previously at the Frank Skinner & Friends show (but due to toilet issues hadn't seen much of her act!). She came on and did a couple of songs including about her driving instructor, Sue. Isy is always adorable and I can't imagine anyone not falling in love with her. I had met her in the interval outside but assumed she was here as a punter rather than an act so it was a nice surprise.

Lou Sanders
Bridget Christie was on next as "Tory MP, Louise Wensch - I AM A FEMINIST!" with a hideous mask and Nazi helmet. Wow. She was astonishingly good as usual though I'm sure a few people didn't know how to take her. Why is she not more famous? I have been asking this for so long, as she is easily one of the top 5 standups in the country. I imagine it may be to do with the way she dresses?

Thom and John Luke cut through the backdrop for the next part with their Stanley knives before being reminded that Bridget was still changing behind it. As she heard it she bellowed through "I AM A FEMINIST!" one more time, before Lou Sanders was introduced.

I'm a big fan of Lou's and have seen her on a number of occasions. Tonight she had possibly had a few beers and slightly forgot what was going on. But again, like Isy, she is strangely adorable and she managed to get through her set in the end without too many casualties, even though she had attacked two of the tables with a big knife before throwing it into the stage.

ACMS is an astonishingly good night and I hope it thrives, and like alternative comedy in the 80s, I hope it can soon become the mainstream and displace the John Bishops and McIntyres and become the mainstream of tomorrow.

See you in Dalston!

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