Thursday, 1 November 2012

Comedy Sale at The Star Of Kings

Sanderson Jones has started a residency every Wednesday at this Kings Cross venue, and tonight was the first night. Comedy Sale is an interesting project where you have to arrange to meet Sanderson to buy a ticket for the show in person. No internet or phone or booking office sales. For these smaller gigs however you should hopefully be able to buy a ticket from him direct at the venue if you have met him before.  He originally did this gig at the massive Union Chapel in Islington and sold it out last year before heading off to Australia, performing the shows at all the major cities.

"But what's the advantage of Sanderson doing all this extra work?", I hear you cry. Well he then has time to do some research on the particular audience for the show, ploughing through their Facebook and Twitter feeds for comedy gold.

The show is based on his attempts to win his ex-girlfriend back, with many Venn diagrams, Pi Charts and other graph based nonsense along the way.The highlight (for me) of the show is "cockhunting" where he puts a backdrop behind a sexy girl or two and puts them on webcam on Chatroulette. As soon as he sees a guy masturbating, he drops the sheet and we all cheer him along! There will be a video below. Please do not click on it if you're at work, or indeed if you don't want to see a man masturbating!

At the end of the show he revealed that his next big project after selling out Union Chapel, is to sell out The Royal Albert Hall, again selling all tickets by hand! This is something so bonkers we have to get behind it! The Star of Kings show will soon develop into a night with other comics with internet based material, and I will try to get down there as often as work shifts and my bank balance allows.

Join me!

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