Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Nothing much was happening at 5:00am this morning. What ever happens at 5am on any day ever? Well, Duncan Jones sent the following collection of tweets:

  1. So... First off, its midnight in NY. That means, a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY is in order to my very lovely, very talented dad!
  2. Been ten years since his last album....
  3. Would be lovely if all of you could spread the word about da's new album. First in ten years, and its a good 'un! davidbowie.com/the-next-day
  4. Also, what better way to knock Taylor feckin Swift off the top of the charts! ;)

Well this is the best 5:00am I have ever had! It's now 8:40am, and it's rubbish in comparison.The album, "The Next Day" has a March 11th release day in the UK. And even better, the new single "Where Are We Now?" is out right now! I never expected to hear any new Bowie material ever again, so this is a very exciting day for me. The song itself harks back to his Berlin period, and has an air of melancholy about it. It's, well, really lovely! Have a listen.

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