Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Peter Buckley Hill - The Albums - FOR FREE!

I ended up at The Phoenix last Sunday to help Peter Buckley Hill celebrate his 65th birthday. The gig lasted from 2pm till 9pm and then they were heading off to the pub afterwards for more drinks. I watched quite a few comics, some who I didn't know as well as bigger names such as Phill Jupitus, Thom Tuck and James Acaster.

Peter organises the Free Fringe in Edinburgh each year which keeps costs down for both audience and performers and he is thought of rather highly in the comedy community. I had first become aware of him at a couple of Robin Ince's Godless shows then again last year when Michael Legge's All day Edinburgh raised funds for the upcoming Fringe.

Peter sang a few short catchy comedy folk songs from his 2006 album and afterwards encouraged us to take his CDs for free as they were cluttering up the space under his stairs. Afterwards I suggested uploading them to Soundcloud. OK, it won't help getting rid of the physical CDs, but it does just help to get the stuff out there. Peter thought this was a great idea so this is just what I have done. So visit these links for all of PBH's recorded output. You can download them too.

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