Sunday, 7 December 2014

ManBuyCow - LIVE!

The majority of you that follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook will have seen an increase in the rate of posts involving ManBuyCow and have either ignored them or have been curious about what ManBuyCow means but have been too shy to ask. Well read on.

Tom Baker Doctor Who
I got introduced to their podcast just over a year ago and was instantly hooked. Rufus and Howard bring us a mixture of chat, sketches and characters all making their mad little world come to life. They have done two series now, with a third on the way, with the Grett Binchleaf portion of the show becoming a podcast in its own right. When they announced that they would be performing a full length show I snapped up my ticket quickly.

So I headed to Kentish Town and I met up with Dom and his lovely wife Verity at The Rose and Crown around 630 just as they had polished off a very well reviewed pizza. Verity was there as part of a marital deal which involves Dom having to go to Lord Of The Dance, so she is one up. We headed downstairs where we were met by Dennis Quaid*, harangued abot our names and frisked. We aimed towards the front but as Verity was a little shy we sat in the second front row. This was to know avail as Quaid* strongly suggested we sit at the front.

Soon a newer longer version of the familiar theme music began and we were off. Our small but dedicated band of comedy nerds were getting all excited and at the point of no return. Rufus and Howard arrived and soon pronounced that Dom was their "Beryl" for the night. Tom Baker Doctor Who was soon up. Nomedy Closh was forever delayed for various reasons (being on the underground and up a tree), and we wondered if he would ever arrive.

There were guests too. The self-described geeky comic, Pete Dillon-Trenchard, the easy to love Joz
Norris and towards the end of the show, Bec Hill (ably assisted by Beryl). Of course Nomedy Closh did arrive and sang a song accompanied by Doggity Dog. Even Mr Fluck managed to sneak in an appearance when Rufus wasn't
looking, and the Grett Binchleaf choose your own adventure book "Grett Binchleaf and the case of the missing leg" was fantastic, even though Grett died far more times than expected.

The end of the show involved the ManBuyCow fans favourite, Hitler^, and the "Everybody Loves Hitler, Hitler Is Our Friend" mass singalong was apparently heard in the main pub upstairs, which without context could sound a little bit naughty.

What a great night, and here's hoping that this becomes an annual pre-Christmas event.

So the moral of the story is a simple one. Listen to ManBuyCow. Now.

* Not the real Dennis Quaid
^ Not the real Hitler.

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