Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Richard Herring has thrown caution to the wind. Like last week, he wrote tonight's show on the Monday. Even this was too early, as the Ryan Giggs "scandal" became public between the writing and the performance. As he told us, next week he may have to start writing it at 5pm.

I got into Soho fairly early and went for a drink at The Admiral Duncan. I met up with Simon, Paul, and someone I had sold my 2 AIOTM series 1 scripts to for a £10 donation to SCOPE. So big up to Alan Hines. We took out seats for the first half where Richard mainly improvises and chats to the crowd.

"Are you in showbusiness?" said TV's Emma Kennedy to a rather sweet looking girl n the front row. "No? Well get your fucking drinks off the stage", followed by Herring somehow calling her a prostitute. I didn't quite follow the logic, but it wasn't quite as brutal as it sounded! Meg and her boyfriend (Beardo) arrived a little late and sat in the front row. Rich obviously talked to them and seemed amazed that a 23 year old could grow such a manly beard. He had a grade 2 and Rich asked me what length my newly shorn hair was. I didn't use any guard on mine. That's how manly I am. Rich tried to warn people off me. "Watch out girls", before correcting himself: "Boys.. look out". I was glad this correction had been made! He talked about the DVD record last week where I had been given a CD of the Warwick show where he had been heckled by a crazy Christian dude. I was going to give him this later but decided to pass him it there and then.

Rich gave us what little he had written for What Is Love Anyway which looks (even at this early stage) to be quite a different show to the last few.

Anyway, after the now traditional visit to the Burger King toilets, (no matter how many times Rich tells people about this little secret, it still is the best place to visit) the show began. Dan Tetsell was back, and although Ben Moor filled his shoes amply last week, it's nice to have the "proper" team in place. No poo stories from Ms Kennedy unfortunately, but to make up for it, Pippa Middleton's disembodied anus made a return appearance, as well as a guest appearance by Ryan Giggs, and a rather questionable Michael J Fox joke! Hey - there was even a call back to the Motorcycle clothing shop sketch, AND a rather dubious (possibly racist?) Barack Obama impression.

The moral maze was back, featuring Richard's borrowed cagoule. I would vote immoral to any of these, simply based on Richard's question. To ask the question implies that he has some doubts, and as people's morals come from within, then to me, this implies improper behaviour, otherwise the question would not be asked.

After the show I lost Alan. Turns out he had had a long day and had to go home. I spend some time chatting with the marvellous Rob Sedgebeer, Simon and Paul before flitting off and discussing Kindles, Twitter trolls, and the new show with Richard. Talking of the new show, I shall be at The New Red Lion theatre in Angel tomorrow night to see Richard, Catie Wilkins and Lou Sanders tomorrow night. Make sure you come down if you can.

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