Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So Richard Herring's AIOTM enters its third week. It was quite a dreary day, but still decided to walk into town. I'm getting quite used to it now and the health benefits must offset the AIOTM cider that I get through. A few days ago Richard was trying to work out how many rows there would be in a pyramid of 4,000,000 Ferrero Rochers (for his new show). After some hard maths, I decided to cheat and ran an Excel spreadsheet which I emailed to Rich. Unfortunately he couldn't open it, so I printed it out to bring with me tonight. It's fun being a voluntary comedy researcher!

Dan Tetsell
Anyway, after a brief drink at The Admiral Duncan (God, it's gone downhill since I worked there, and it wasn't exactly top of the range when I was there) I met Paul and Simon at the venue.

Rich came on and did some more new stuff for his new show. This time about a visit to the dry cleaners and the "We {heart} our customers" messages left on the cellophane over his suit, and questioning the nature of this, so called, love. He then went on to do his "Give me head till I'm dead" routine that he resurrected last week at The New Red Lion. He mentioned that I had seen it already and I made a lame joke about "Well, I'll go to the toilet then". It was funny inside my brain.

The show itself was quite something else. References to "minted cumpkins", Pippa Middleton's disembodied anus being eaten on "I'm A Celeb" complete with some unusual Geordie accents from Dan Tetsell playing both Ant and Dec, and talking of unusual accents, the Canadian ones that Emma and Dan chose for the story about the child (it's a boy) being raised by its (his) parents without telling anyone what its (his) sex was were fantastic (if indecipherable).

Richard Herring ( and Christian Reilly)
Emma had told a story about her visit to East Kilbride which I had seen on Twitter last week, and my only thought was that I had lived there. That was that. Today she revealed that she had visited 24 Inch Keith, and the double entendre was hard to miss. How had I also lived in Inch Keith for so long in my early teens without realising that it was fucking hilarious!? So, when Rich asked the ausdience what had occurred to them that week I couldn't resist telling Emma about this rather odd (and sexy) coincidence.

The moral maze tonight featured bin porn, but this time I really had to go to the toilet ! Christian's song this week was very self-reverential with the hook line "He just wants to be on the telly" and talking about the many issues that have been raised in AIOTM before about Rich's life.

After the show I gave Rich my fabulous spreadsheet, and it seems he is as in love with numbers and tables as much as I am. I don't know how much a voluntary comedy researcher gets paid, but hopefully I'll get the going rate.

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