Saturday, 27 August 2011

Trap X

"Scientists estimate the 10th planet in the solar system will be called Bikini". A collection of facts like these, alongside some jaunty music started the Trap's new show

It's been a long month. All my favourite comedians seem to have gigs in Edinburgh, all booked at the same time which seems a bit weird. So, I headed to Camden where all the cool kids are hanging out to see The Trap. It was also a good chance to meet comedy twitter people such as William Tennant and Hitch, as well as regular comedy mates, Neal and Richard.

I saw The Trap last year doing Bad Musical and you have probably seen me write about them quite a bit as they are 75% of Los Quattros Cvnts. They are comprised of 2 must-follow tweeters, Paul Litchfield and Jeremy Limb, along with just as funny, but less tweety Dan Mersh.

They times this gig rather badly as it clashes with the final of "Show Me The Funny" which is an ITV comedy talent series that started terribly, but has got better as it has gone along. Anyway my funny is on Tiff, but will I manage to avoid the result before I get home?* Anyway that concludes my little intro. I guess i should write the rest after I've seen the show. (* avoided the result, but Pat Monaghan deservedly won)

The Trap did point out that the title of their show is not because it contains any pornography, but that X was the Roman numeral for 10, representing their 10 years together. However Camden council had insisted that some should be included. So we had a saucy sound effect to look forward to.

Starting with their first ever gig, where they were so nervous they were all going to the toilet, being sick and having heart attacks, we worked out way through The Trap's alternative history.

We moved on to a job interview sketch, where the candidate had applied to be a job interviewer, leading to an extremely confusing conversation about 4 levels deep, which Dan and Jeremy got through perfectly. Although there are 3 of them, this sketch shows perfectly why I see The Trap as the new Two Ronnies.

I really enjoyed a sketch by 2 new fathers who decided they didn't want to mollycoddle their babies led to a rather extreme and shocking conclusion.

We had some failed audience interaction with the most famous man in the world, and also some excellent interaction between Paul and William, both encased in a box for a reprise of Paul's one man show.

The promise of the stupidest song in the world certainly didn't disappoint. Jeremy performed "What A Wonderful World" very straight with the baffling addition of "Crème. Crème. Crème. Crème Egg"

At the end, the boys asked for various audience members to be in a sketch with them, reprising all the characters that were in the show which made for quite a unique way to finish.

We ended up in the beer garden chatting with Paul who was entertaining as always, and discussed the fantastic new video format "Diamond DVD". - that will only make sense if you were sitting round the table. To be honest, I've forgotten the entire context. But boy, did we laugh.

We headed on to our tube train and Hitch agreed to come with me to Angel where we found almost every pub closed. Luckily, The Old Queens Head was open, where I impressed Hitch by telling him it was where Herring's Mars Bar routine was performed. He didn't look impressed but I could tell he was, then ending the evening at The Mucky Pup. At some point he must have pushed me over as I have woken up with a massive head bump. Obviously it would be Hitch's fault and not mine. You have another three chances to see them. Please make sure you do.

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  1. Lovely show, but I think the cultural references went over some people's heads (why their gigs were overshadowed.)