Monday, 5 September 2011 - Beer Pong & Board Games

Those of you who follow me on twitter have probably heard me speak about This is a mad project where Sanderson Jones has decided to book a ludicrously big venue and try to sell every ticket himself personally. After all, he has done this to smaller venues in Edinburgh; what's going to be so hard about selling one big one?

Mikey and Sarah
By the time of the gig (14th October) Sanderson will have personally met his entire audience and will be able to tailor the show to the crowd. He thought it wasn't fair that he will have met everyone but the audience won't know each other so he arranged a beer pong and board games afternoon in his local pub in Clapham.

I arrived fairly early and got straight into the beer pong. We were all fairly useless but I got a couple of amazing shots in. It was also my first chance to meet podophile chum, "Wet Sarah" (as Michael Legge has christened her) as she has just moved to London from Canada.

Action Shot!
After beer pong we played Calcozone (or something - I can't remember the title) which was a tile based board game where you had to conquer cities and rob farmers etc. It was all very geeky int he most funnest way, and I met some fun people too, though of course I can't remember their names - There was Alex, and Sarah of course, and the astonishingly flamboyant beer pong player and games organiser Mikey. There was also the sci-fi loving girl in a star wars t-shirt who has just moved to London and has so much to discover about the London comedy scene. I ended up ordering her to go to so many things!

I was looking forward to this show before, but now I'm looking forward to it even more. Sanderson is planning some more meet ups before the gig too. The next month could be a lot of fun!

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