Monday, 13 June 2011


Sanderson Jones
Sanderson Jones has an interesting project. Yes I know you clicked here to find out about Pippa Middleton's disembodied anus, but you'll have to hear about ComedySale first. Sanderson has booked a gig at the Union Chapel in Islington on the 14th October - 500 seats - and you cannot buy tickets on the day, on the door, at the box office, on the Internet... in fact the only way to get a ticket is to meet with him personally and buy a ticket there and then. I bought my ticket today. Now, I must try and make sure I can get that day off work!

I had met at The Toucan with a chap from Twitter. After seeing Sanderson, we moved on to De Hems, The Admiral Duncan, Molly Moggs, then The Porcupine. After that I was slightly pissed and the chap was rather hammered. He had been out many hours more than me !

Dan Tetsell
We got to the venue and I met Rob Sedgebeer (as usual). I took my seat and found the lady beside me embroidering. I thought that was kind of cute. I have had a number of replies after putting the picture online (with permission of course). Now the chap who I had been out with before had a great story to tell Richard at AIOTM but along the way, as I returned from a strategic early toilet visit, Rich spoke to me and I mentioned that I had been led astray. My new friend, unwisely, mentioned that he was responsible, and Rich pointed out that he was a lot worse for wear than I was... He warned him off telling him the story in the main podcast!

Sanderson Jones
The podcast contained what you might expect: A video of Herring bathing in flour and water apologising to Diana Dors for counterfeiting his semen, Emma Kennedy playing a prepubescent Herring, we had the return of Attitudeless Badger, and a truly terrifying punishment for the final AIOTM of the series (perhaps ever!). I don't want to give too much away, but it involves cumpkins, and Richard's head.

After the gig we met up again with the 14-17 year old boy from last week who had indeed taken the magazine. Richard and the team did try to sign it to the best of their abilities but it was still wet from last week.

Hopefully by next week it will be dry. Also I hope all the male members of the audience (at a guess I would say 300 people) will be able to fill that cumpkin, and I will not be led astray again!

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